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chevrolet suburban questions coolant leak cargurus - i have a 1999 suburban that kept losong coolant i found that one of the gaskets between the waterpump and the block was leaking however you say there are no signs of leakage get yourself a radiator pressure tester and pressurize the cooling system for about fifteen minutes to see if it loses, chevy silverado questions including after treatment for - also known as gmc sierra and the denali in mexico chevy silverado is general motor s latest model of full size pickup truck which received the 2007 truck of the year award from motor trend, blown head gasket repair cost bluedevil products - brian thank you for asking about your chevy venter based on your description unfortunately it seems you are losing water coolant a little too quickly for the bluedevil pour n go head gasket sealer to be effective, air conditioning and coolant questions including what - used for cooling the interior of buildings cars air conditioning is a system machine designed to balance the air temperature within an area a coolant then redirects the heat of the machine to, what are the symptoms of a blown head gasket bluedevil - let s start by talking about what a head gasket is the head gasket lives between your engine block and cylinder head every modern car has this gasket but they vary in their thickness and construction based on the manufacturer s design of the engine, dear car talk s blog posts car talk - car talk from npr car advice tips troubleshooting and answers to your car questions find a mechanic hear past shows play the puzzler join our discussion boards and learn safe driving tips, avion travelcade club travel former member fifth wheel - clutch head screw originated by united screw and bolt the recess in clutch heads looks like a bowtie in a pinch a clutch head screw can be driven by a slotted screwdriver, contact chrysler customer service email phone number fax - contact chrysler customer service find chrysler customer support phone number email address customer care returns fax 800 number chat and chrysler faq speak with customer service call tech support get online help for account login